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and AKIHLA HITEC GRAFIX represent the best example of continued excellence and professional growth. We endeavor to continually implement the best and most innovative printing techniques.

Besides this, we provide you with an added comfort of turnkey solutions that will take on all aspects of the job in hand.

Our Service Offerings are:

- Small Quantity print jobs:
Printing has always been a trade-off, between the number of prints required, and the quality of the print.

Conventional printing methods like Offset Printing , which offer superior quality printing, have a MINIMUM quantity of at least 2000 prints required, to make it cost-effective.

On the other hand, small quantity printing was being satisfied by Screen Printing technology, which being largely manual, was prone to compromises on quality.

MEHER PRINTonDEMAND's DIGITAL OFFSET service offers the same superior quality printing, for small quantities, without a burden on the budget!

- Desktop Convenience:

With MEHER's online service offerings , you can now order all your printing needs without having to leave the comfort of your desktop.

Simply go to our ONLINE ORDERING Section , and place your orders.

What's more - you can even pay online, and we shall have your orders delivered to your desk!

- Consistent Colours across the entire print job:

The toner based printing technique used by the common printing shops generally produces inferior quality prints with little care for colour consistency due to the inherent overheating problems. But MEHER PRINTonDEMAND's ink based technique is brilliant. No hassles of overheating and thus no variations or multiple shades in different copies. All copies will look perfectly similar.

- Choose your Pantone Shade and each copy will match perfectly.

- Personalization of Prints or Variable Data Printing:

MEHER PRINTonDEMAND's state of the art printing machine allows printing different text and images on EACH print.

This exclusive VARIABLE DATA option allows the printing of different contents in each copy. When printing Invitation cards, for example, where the content of the card is the same, you can get the name of each addressee printed on their individual card.

- Printing on Textured Surfaces:

Traditionally, printing on uneven paper surfaces gave poor quality results. At MEHER PRINTonDEMAND, with state of the art technology, printing on textured surfaces is an option that gives your print job an exclusive look and exceptional print quality.

MEHER PRINTonDEMAND offers you the best Art Papers and Cards available – whether glossy or matte, and even textured surfaces that give the images a true-to-life appearance.

- Additional colour in the print output:

Traditional printing machines carry 4 basic colours of ink, and the millions of shades represented in your prints are created by a combination of these 4 basic colours.

MEHER PRINTonDEMAND's machines not only have the FOUR basic colours of ink, they also can print an additional two SPECIAL colours at the same time. Hence the reproduction of colours is more accurate, vibrant and life-like.

- Post-printing add-on services
MEHER PRINTonDEMAND is a one-stop shop for all your printing deliverables. We not only print, but ensure that all Post-Printing Services are undertaken and addressed, so that you get a finally finished product.

Some of the Post-Printing services we offer are Cutting, Punching, Lamination, Pinning, Varnishing, Folding, Pasting and Mailing.

- Creative Design services:

MEHER PRINTonDEMAND has in-house Graphic Designers , who could assist you by lending creative inputs to your printing needs. We could help you design your cards, stationery, brochures etc, and print, finish and deliver it to your desk. We offer a complete A-to-Z service.

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