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Printing Info / Digital Printing

Till date, the Offset Printing and Screen Printing methods were ruling the print world. However, with Offset Printing being high on quality and quick on delivery but requiring large numbers to be economically feasible, the low volume requirements were extremely expensive. The flip side being Screen Printing which while good for small numbers and a variety of substrates, left much to be desired in the quality and time schedule departments.

Digital Offset Printing :
Digital Offset Printing is a result of thorough Research . This technique fulfills the need of printing high quality , in low numbers on many different types of paper and plastic substrates with as little pollution and mess as possible.

There is no longer any need for film outputs, film assembly or plate processing at the printing unit. Digital Offset Printing saves time, money and labour, but more to the point is faster, more accurate and more flexible as a print solution.

This method requires the artwork to be in a high resolution file on the computer, which allows for as many changes as required. The computer in the printing press transfers the images onto drums that work as plates.each one for one colour. The beauty of this is that unlike offset printing where the plates are of single use and need to be stored requiring large amounts of space, here the drum gets erased and reused after each file is printed.

It gives excellent consistency of print and colours as all the details of colour percentages etc are taken directly from the software used to create the artwork.

Using Digital Printing methods also means that every single item produced within a single print run can say something different - giving businesses the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with their audiences through individualised marketing and personalisation.

The concept of personalisation is not new and in many areas  it is almost expected. There is a very sound business reason for this. research shows that sending out a personalised letter or mail  will elicit three times the response of a traditional 'one size fits all' uniform mail.

The main limitation of Digital Offset Printing is that it can print a maximum size of 18 inches x 12 inches only.

The Advantages of Digital Offset Printing :
- Superior Quality of print
- Consistency in Colours
- Quantities of as low as ONE
- Quicker Time schedule
- Printing Both Sides of the substrate at the same time
- Delivers instant dry prints
- Prints and Collates pages of books at one shot.

DIGITAL OFFSET is the way to print!

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